CRUDE OIL – A temporary relief?
CRUDE OIL – A temporary relief?28th January 2016

...3cA signals for Crude Oil have been bearish on our Trend Table page for some time. However there are some early signs that sentiment may continue to improve since January's 13 year low at 26.19. Last week's rally has formed a bullish Hammer and this week's gains have ended a sequence of lower weekly highs. Along... read more

DAX – Q1 call makes 1200 Pt profit – is the sell-off over ?
DAX – Q1 call makes 1200 Pt profit – is the sell-off over ?12th January 2016

Our signals for Q1 have identified a bearish outlook, with investor sentiment posting lower quarterly highs since April's record top at 12429.5 and with futures trading below their key 50, 100 & 200 day average rates. These have already been confirmed with  a 1,200 Pt sell-off in just 2 weeks. However, our DAX analysis has also... read more

GOLD – Double Bottom Low at Key 50%
GOLD – Double Bottom Low at Key 50%7th January 2016

Longer-term signals for GOLD on our trend table had been bearish for some time, but a small monthly Doji candle in December at 6 year lows has also come from close to 1087.5, a key 50% pullback to the entire 2001-2011 bull market, switching signals going into January to neutral. However, this month’s strong open has... read more