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Project Fear – Implications of Brexit
Project Fear – Implications of Brexit26th May 2016

Project Fear - Implications of Brexit... a guest Jeremy RaybouldPrivate Equity and Alternative Investments Specialist/Investor Relations and Equity Fund Distribution. Partner at Lancea LLP Brexit and Binary: when it is or when it isn't - or neither?The UK's EU referendum is, on the face of it, a binary event: either yes or no. Either of the 50:50... read more

EURGBP – Potential Rising Three
EURGBP – Potential Rising Three31st August 2015

Further Gains Expected this week. Last Monday saw gains continue the strong demand seen over the preceding 3 weeks. But that day’s upside of almost 1 ¾ big figuress was not maintained and the subsequent 4 days all produced net losses to leaves EURGBP virtually unchanged into the week’s close.   Despite the uncertainty that result suggests the limited... read more

EURGBP – Bounce from key average
EURGBP – Bounce from key average18th August 2015

Against a background of bearish signals for sentiment for this week, yesterday saw EURGBP sold to lower levels for a 3rd day in a row. But the lows, beneath the key 13 day moving average were not held and the renewal of investor demand left prices virtually unchanged into the close. That normally signals investor uncertainty... read more

EURGBP – 100 day mvg avg capping
EURGBP – 100 day mvg avg capping14th July 2015

Last week's stalling at the 100 day moving average is proving the key element to trading. That failure to break higher has now translated into significant selling pressure that has taken EURGBP back below the key 13 day moving average.  The scope of the move – almost 1 big figure – means sentiment is overstretched but... read more

EURGBP – Capped by Key Average
EURGBP – Capped by Key Average7th July 2015

Friday’s gains were capped by the key 13 day moving average and that led to yesterday's decline from that point. The days lows were achieved in Asia and a later fall also failed, at slightly higher levels. But a net decline was still the result of the day’s price action and with the medium term trend... read more