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10 Must Have Technical Analysis Books
10 Must Have Technical Analysis Books2nd November 2017

My Favourite Books on Technical Analysis.When I first got into Technical Analysis the only real way to learn was by reading books by those technicians that had started the ball rolling in modern times, and by playing with simple indicators on graph paper. The arrival of dealing room computers and then software accelerated the emergence of... read more

GBPCAD- Sentiment turns sharply positive
GBPCAD- Sentiment turns sharply positive25th September 2017

Last week's gains in GBPCAD were more modest than the previous week's upside but they were enough to confirm a change in investor sentiment to bullish.This is because this improvement took GBPCAD above the 21 week moving average for the first time in 3 months. Importantly that break confirmed a similar 'golden' cross of our RSI... read more

Gold – Bullish but setback potential
Gold – Bullish but setback potential13th September 2017

A 10 year rally in GOLD throughout the 2000’s has stalled:,  but with deteriorating sentiment between 2011 and 2015 attracting buyers back to the market from close to 1087.5, a key 50% correction to the gains.Last year’s bounce has also stalled, - ahead of 1421.2, a 50% recovery to the 2012-2015 losses and a quarterly Shooting... read more

Gold – Dip Buying Dominates
Gold – Dip Buying Dominates25th April 2017

Longer-term signals have been bullish of Gold so far this year.The sell-off since the all-time high in 2011 at 1921.5 has attracted buyers back to the market in 2015 and 2016 from close to 1087.5. a key 50% pullback to the entire 2001-2011 ten year bull-run.Updates on 23rd January and 10th Feb have continued to highlight... read more

AUDNZD – Sentiment turns Positive
AUDNZD – Sentiment turns Positive13th February 2017

A sharp setback in AUDNZD from the 21 week moving average 3 weeks ago appeared to confirm a negative bias- a tone that has been the prime element for the cross since last May. But although demand from higher lows initially stalled at the average last week saw demand of almost 2 big figures in AUDNZD after... read more

USDTRY – Marabuzo lines platform gains
USDTRY – Marabuzo lines platform gains9th August 2016

I wrote on these pages last year the usefulness of Marabuzo lines in riding a bull trend in USDTRY.That bull trend ended at the beginning of this year after the market topped in January at marginally lower levels to Sept 2015 - a negative signal that confirmed an already bearish warning seen in the RSI indicator.However, demand,... read more

EURAUD – Positive triggers
EURAUD – Positive triggers18th May 2016

...Yesterday I wrote about USDTRY and the positive break through moving averages in both spot and RSI.A very similar chart, and conclusion, can be found looking at EURAUD on a weekly time perspective. A break through the 21 week moving average by spot EURAUD was seen 2 weeks ago, and also in RSI.Those bullish triggers were... read more

Where next for AUDNZD?
Where next for AUDNZD?13th August 2015

AUDNZD has risen by over 12 big figures since April's low and we look for that underlying positive tone to continue in the coming weeks.Our Trend Table has been bullish from soon after that time - May when the break of the trend defining moving average confirmed the positive trigger given two weeks earlier in RSI... read more