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Kiwi weakens. Where next?
Kiwi weakens. Where next?9th August 2018

Overnight news from the RBNZ has hit the Kiwi. Actually it has only emphasised a weakness that was already there as we can see with a look at 2 of the currency pairs in our Trend Table.Our medium term bias for NZDUSD has been negative since April when a 'dead' cross in the spot  through the 21... read more

NZDUSD – Bullish Trend under threat
NZDUSD – Bullish Trend under threat10th October 2016

....The underlying trend in NZDUSD has been positive throughout this year but is now being questioned by the market.Strength indicators (RSI) became bullish more than a year ago and have proved more resilient than the spot price where the trend was threatened strongly in January, and less so in May (RSI did give a minor downside... read more

AUDNZD – Buyers getting on Top?
AUDNZD – Buyers getting on Top?8th March 2016

..Are buyers now getting on top in AUDNZD?The last 6 months have seen this cross in a very broad consolidation, oscillating around the important 21 week moving average. The downside has been constrained by a 62% correction point to the 14 big figure rise posting between April and June last year.Importantly the lows near that point,... read more