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NOKSEK – Sentiment Turns Bullish, 1.0475-0510 targeted
NOKSEK – Sentiment Turns Bullish, 1.0475-0510 targeted26th February 2018

Since December NOKSEK has been attracting significant buying. But that demand stalled, continually, in the latter part of January, at the 21 week moving average.  So, despite a positive break in NOKSEK RSI, through it's own moving average, sentiment was still assessed as negative with a sequence of lower weekly highs and lows (and negative Keltner... read more

NOKSEK – Selling pressure accelerates
NOKSEK – Selling pressure accelerates29th June 2017

After 3 weeks of minor gains, selling pressure in NOKSEK has been renewed this week. In fact negative momentum has accelerated - taking the cross to the most bearish levels traded since August 2016.NOKSEK RSI signals have been bearish all year but the spot only confirmed this with a negative crossover of the 21 week moving average... read more

GBPSEK – Testing Marabuzo Line
GBPSEK – Testing Marabuzo Line19th April 2017

After posting a higher low in March and then trading through key moving averages in both spot and RSI, our bias for GBPSEK, as shown in the Trend  Table, turned to bullish.Last week's solid move confirmed that new trend and demand has accelerated this week with the general improvement in investor sentiment towards sterling. Importantly though this... read more

NOKSEK – Selling renewed. Targets?
NOKSEK – Selling renewed. Targets?16th March 2016

NOKSEK - Rally capped by key average.I have written a number of times on the deteriorating NOKSEK since a negative trigger was given last June with a move through the 21 week displaced moving average.Targets have been consistently met as the cross followed the lower end of the weekly Keltner channel lower. The strength of the... read more

NOKSEK – Weak rally emphasises downside
NOKSEK – Weak rally emphasises downside11th June 2015

Last week’s strong decline in NOKSEK, almost 4 1/2 big figures, broke through an important moving average to give medium term sentiment a new negative bias. This break was clearly more pronounced than the temporary and limited move below back in March.In addition, Relative Strength Indicators also gave a Bearish trigger that was absent in March. So... read more