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US$ Index – Temporary Rally?
US$ Index – Temporary Rally?1st November 2017

US$ INDEX, still long-term bearish, but looking to trade bounceWe have been bearish of the $Index throughout 2017 and in our last update on May 11th we emphasised this view by highlighting the inverse relationship between US interest rates and the US$ exchange rate.The sell-off has also come from close to a 62% recovery to the... read more

$ INDEX and rising US rates
$ INDEX and rising US rates12th May 2017

Historically, anticipation of rising US rates has supported the US$. However, in a classic case of rumour over fact, once those rate rises have been implemented the US$ usually reverses.This year's signals on the $Index have been bearish and are supporting this view. Sellers have returned to the 14 year highs and from close to... read more