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GBPCAD – Positive break not maintained
GBPCAD – Positive break not maintained14th October 2018

Updated 29th October.Contrary to the bullish signals generated 2 weeks ago, investor demand for GBPCAD could not be maintained. Instead selling interest was renewed  with last week's decline being the most negative GBPCAD performance since April. This is enough to reassert a Bearish bias with initial targets of 1.6574 and 1.6467.Last week saw solid gains in... read more

CADJPY – Renewed Negative Sentiment
CADJPY – Renewed Negative Sentiment25th June 2018

Our report of 22nd January highlighted a Bearish Head & Shoulders pattern that targeted 82.00. That point was reached during March and extended by almost 1 1/2 big figures before profit taking developed.That rebound regained virtually exactly half of the decline from January's high but also created what is now confirmed as a false positive break... read more

CADJPY – Sentiment turns Positive
CADJPY – Sentiment turns Positive22nd May 2018

A Bearish Head & Shoulders pattern was completed in February with CADJPY targeting 82.00. That target was exceeded by almost 1  1/2 big figures but that negative tone has clearly ended. CADJPY reached a 16 month low in March with, since that time, buying interest dominating the cross since.  But until last week, a change to a... read more

CADJPY – Bearish Head & Shoulders
CADJPY – Bearish Head & Shoulders22nd January 2018

CADJPY Update 12th FebruaryLast week's strong decline has confirmed the bearish view written here on January 22nd. In fact, the move has confirmed the formation of a Bearish Head & Shoulders pattern with a break of the neckline.  Although  immediate targets are 85.47 and 83.79, the negative Head & Shoulders formation has a projected target for... read more

GBPCAD – Bought at key average
GBPCAD – Bought at key average17th January 2018

Our medium term outlook for GBPCAD has been bullish since the middle of September when the spot and RSI both traded above their relevant Moving Averages.The resulting upside in GBPCAD of 8 big figures was capped by the top of the weekly Ichimoku Cloud pattern, where profit taking developed.  Peaking in December, the bulk of the holiday... read more

CADJPY – End to Bull Trend?
CADJPY – End to Bull Trend?16th November 2017

Tuesday 21st Nov - As you will have seen the negative concerns expressed in this post have been confirmed with a close below the average. Our medium term bias for CADJPY has changed to bearish with initial targets of 86.45 and 85.47. CADJPY RSI signals produced a negative (dead) cross 3 weeks ago. That move was not... read more

Weaker CAD drives EURCAD & GBPCAD Up
Weaker CAD drives EURCAD & GBPCAD Up25th October 2017

Our Quarterly USDCAD view is a bullish one and is currently being driven by a weaker CAD across the board. That is reflected in positive moves last week in EURCAD and GBPCAD that confirmed a medium term bullish tone for these crosses.In EURCAD the spot price has been flirting with the 21 week displaced moving average... read more

GBPCAD- Sentiment turns sharply positive
GBPCAD- Sentiment turns sharply positive25th September 2017

Last week's gains in GBPCAD were more modest than the previous week's upside but they were enough to confirm a change in investor sentiment to bullish.This is because this improvement took GBPCAD above the 21 week moving average for the first time in 3 months. Importantly that break confirmed a similar 'golden' cross of our RSI... read more

EURCAD – Sentiment turns Negative
EURCAD – Sentiment turns Negative11th September 2017

Last week's EURCAD decline confirmed the negative RSI crossover of a few weeks ago but break below the 21 week moving average. That close was the first below the key line since April and provides a bearish tone for sentiment in the coming weeks.A positive trend had been indicated in March with 'golden' crosses of both... read more

EURCAD – Finding buyers at key average
EURCAD – Finding buyers at key average21st July 2017

This week has seen some significant buying of EURCAD at the 21 week moving average line. It was a positive break of that point in both spot and RSI that generated an outright bullish bias. That Trend Table bias has remained intact since.Gains of almost 9 big figures were posted up to May's EURCAD high (near... read more