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DAX-FTSE spread warning to bulls
DAX-FTSE spread warning to bulls10th December 2019

Longer-term 3 month signals have been bullish throught 2019 and our strategy to stay long and buy dips has been the correct one.However, although there is no clear bearish reversal pattern on longer dated DAX-FTSE charts, signasl in the shorter-end are highlighting warnings.Initially divergence on momentum indicators, last week the US ending long trend of higher... read more

Using Keltner Channels
Using Keltner Channels18th November 2019

This article is about Keltner channels and how, using them as trend indicators, they can aid trading on almost any time scale.Firstly we’ll cover the theory then practice  of how I use them in analysis across the asset classes with some recent examples to see how they work.Keltner channels can be invaluable as a tool for... read more

DAX – Q1 call makes 1200 Pt profit – is the sell-off over ?
DAX – Q1 call makes 1200 Pt profit – is the sell-off over ?12th January 2016

Our signals for Q1 have identified a bearish outlook, with investor sentiment posting lower quarterly highs since April's record top at 12429.5 and with futures trading below their key 50, 100 & 200 day average rates. These have already been confirmed with  a 1,200 Pt sell-off in just 2 weeks. However, our DAX analysis has also... read more

Keltner Channels – Useful in Trending/Ranging markets
Keltner Channels – Useful in Trending/Ranging markets10th June 2015

Keltner channels were originally developed by Chester Keltner in his 1960 book ‘How to Make Money in Commodities’. The basics have been amended since and the accepted default method is currently that the bands are based on the average true range (ATR) and calculated over 10 periods. This ATR value is then doubled and added to... read more