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EURCHF – Sentiment Turns Bullish.
EURCHF – Sentiment Turns Bullish.4th February 2019

Last week saw investor demand for EURCHF continue the rise from last year's low point. But the key element was that buying interest accelerated - creating a 4th up week in a row  and, more importantly, breaking above the 21 week moving average.That positive break confirms the 'golden' cross already provided in the EURCHF RSI signals... read more

EURCHF – Supported by Marabuzo Line
EURCHF – Supported by Marabuzo Line5th May 2017

...Trading in EURCHF has been volatile over the last 2 months. Our RSI signal made a positive cross of it's moving average at the end of February. This was confirmed by a spot move through it's own average the following week. Since then spot prices fell back below the 21 week line but that was not... read more

EURCHF – Sentiment increasingly negative
EURCHF – Sentiment increasingly negative11th April 2016

.    EURCHF - Sentiment turning BearishFor 6 weeks EURCHF has fluctuated around the key 21 week moving average without clearly breaking to the downside, on a closing basis, or attracting any significant renewal of buying interest.But last week's decline resulted in a clear break below that point for the first time since last July. More importantly... read more