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Why it’s not easy to move EURUSD outside its 2-year range
Why it’s not easy to move EURUSD outside its 2-year range1st March 2017

Why it's not easy to move EURUSD outside its 2-year range - A guest articleWith the exemption of a few short-lived spikes and dips, EURUSD has over the last 24 months kept the range 1.05-1.15 - a long stretch with remarkable little volatility for a currency pair that has had its fair share of challenges despite... read more

EURUSD – Shooting Star dominates
EURUSD – Shooting Star dominates5th May 2016

...A bearish Shooting Star pattern dominates EURUSDTuesday saw the gains from last week's low extend aggressively and prices reached the most positive levels for 9 months.But these extremes, and overbought extremes, were sharply rejected despite the prior hugging of the top of the Keltner channel.That upside rejection created a Bearish Shooting Star pattern on daily EURUSD... read more

EURUSD – Bullish Rising Three dominates
EURUSD – Bullish Rising Three dominates21st March 2016

EURUSD - Bullish Rising Three dominatesThis week's report on EURUSD is a bullish one. This is due, in part, to;3 Up weeks in succession5 Week HighsTracking the upper band of a positive Keltner channelSupport of the 13 day moving average.But the other key feature to note is the Bullish Rising Three pattern that was completed by... read more

ECB – Easier over 2 legs
ECB – Easier over 2 legs15th March 2016

For the ECB, it is easier to get therewith the use of two legsA guest article by Tor Vollaløkken from EURUSD InsiderLeading up to last week’s ECB monetary policy meeting we argued that for the ECB to get inflation closer to the objective, the ECB would need to see EURUSD below 0.95. We just used the... read more

Using RSI to trade EURUSD
Using RSI to trade EURUSD10th March 2016

Using RSI to trade EURUSDI've written about RSI on these pages before and many of you will already be using RSI in a number of different manners to aid your trading. I want to cover a rare, though not unique, method and am applying it to EURUSD on a daily time scale.What we're looking at here... read more

Rising Three EURUSD pattern targets gains
Rising Three EURUSD pattern targets gains20th August 2015

This morning's call for EURUSD was a bullish one;The sequence of 3 down days ended yesterday despite Tuesday’s break below the 13/100 day moving averages. Demand was renewed above 1.1000 for a 2nd day in succession and the resulting upside was and aggressive one – demand accelerating in the latter part of the day. More than... read more