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DAX – Q1 call makes 1200 Pt profit – is the sell-off over ?
DAX – Q1 call makes 1200 Pt profit – is the sell-off over ?12th January 2016

Our signals for Q1 have identified a bearish outlook, with investor sentiment posting lower quarterly highs since April's record top at 12429.5 and with futures trading below their key 50, 100 & 200 day average rates. These have already been confirmed with  a 1,200 Pt sell-off in just 2 weeks. However, our DAX analysis has also... read more

Gilts – Temporarily Bearish
Gilts – Temporarily Bearish28th July 2015

Against a background of positive signals for sentiment for Gilts this week, yesterday initially saw last week's strong gains extend. But this upside, reaching to within 5 tics of our 117.16 weekly target, stalled and gave back the gains into the close.A lack of net movement does reflect a degree of investor indecision but it is... read more

Bearish Candle Signals
Bearish Candle Signals6th July 2015

There aren’t many analysts out there that don’t now use candlestick charts as opposed to bar charts. The reason is quite obvious once you’ve seen a candle chart and it is that they offer everything a bar chart does but with the added value of graphically showing the key open and close. This immediately helps to... read more