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CADJPY – Upside now the focus
CADJPY – Upside now the focus17th November 2016

CADJPY has been in a clearly defined downtrend throughout 2016 (barring one false and short lived spike in April). That trend has been defined by the 13/21 week moving averages and the weekly Keltner channel.But our indications are that this trend has ended and a new positive bias is developing. RSI gave a positive cross through it's... read more

Gilts – Trading with Stochastics
Gilts – Trading with Stochastics22nd July 2016

Everyone who watches a chart will have their own definition of overbought/oversold. There's nothing wrong with that as long as consistency and a certain amount of pragmatism is used when applying.I've lost track of the times I've been asked, as prices plunge, when is the time to buy - and vice versa. My answer is always... read more