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T-Notes – Bearish Falling Three developing?
T-Notes – Bearish Falling Three developing?24th May 2016

...Is a Bearish Falling Three pattern on weekly candle charts developing?Last week's strong decline of more than a point ending a sequence of 3 weeks posting minor gains. This upside countered the strong fall that preceded it and forms the first candle in the potential 5 candle Bearish Falling Three.This move was enough, coupled with a... read more

EURUSD – Bullish Rising Three dominates
EURUSD – Bullish Rising Three dominates21st March 2016

EURUSD - Bullish Rising Three dominatesThis week's report on EURUSD is a bullish one. This is due, in part, to;3 Up weeks in succession5 Week HighsTracking the upper band of a positive Keltner channelSupport of the 13 day moving average.But the other key feature to note is the Bullish Rising Three pattern that was completed by... read more

T-Notes – Rising Three points higher
T-Notes – Rising Three points higher11th January 2016

... In T-Notes and T.Bond futures this year began with a renewal of demand. Demand that we expect to lead significantly higher.The move higher last week, almost 2 points in T-Notes and 3 1/2 points in Bonds, ended a sequence of 3 down weeks. Soem allowance has to be made to the fact that those weeks... read more