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USDZAR – Has sentiment turned Bullish?
USDZAR – Has sentiment turned Bullish?10th July 2017

USDZAR has been dominated by a broad downtrend since January 2016. At the extreme, the currency pair fell by more than 30%. But does last week's strong gains signal a lasting change in investor sentiment?This downtrend has been defined by the 21 week moving average although temporary bounces above that point for USDZAR in November, April... read more

USDZAR – Sentiment remains Bullish
USDZAR – Sentiment remains Bullish10th May 2017

At the beginning of April spot USDZAR prices traded positively through the 21 week moving average. This move confirmed a similar bullish crossover in our RSI indicators.The market was unable to extend that improvement as, after gains of 46 big figures, sentiment was overbought. However, although the subsequent reaction took USDZAR back below the average line... read more

USDZAR – Sentiment now Positive
USDZAR – Sentiment now Positive10th April 2017

After seeing a solid and steady decline throughout 2016, and the first quarter of this year, more than 31% high to low, USDZAR sentiment has changed. Last month's aggressive bounce from the lows extended during the first week of April.A 2nd up week in a row was posted and, more importantly, both spot prices and the... read more

USDZAR – Tracking Negative Channel
USDZAR – Tracking Negative Channel16th August 2016

A negative tone for USDZAR was established at the end of March (see Trend Table) with prices trading down through the 21 week moving average. This acted as confirmation of a bearish trigger already given by the RSI indicator crossing down through it's own average.Although spot prices bounced 5 weeks later in a profit taking move back... read more