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BTP’s – Sentiment remains Negative
BTP’s – Sentiment remains Negative6th December 2016

BTP's - Sentiment remains NegativeAfter falling almost 14 points from August’s high the BTP market has been trying to rally since November’s low. This week’s gains have the potential to produce a 3rd up week in a row.However, the bounce remains a limited one in our view with last week's demand stalling near a 25% correction... read more

Bunds – Yields tracking channel lower
Bunds – Yields tracking channel lower5th April 2016

Where does demand take Bunds next?For a change we'll take a look at the direction for sentiment in Bunds from a yield persective. As you can see from the chart this year has been dominated by a decline in rates with this week's movement taking prices below February's low. The strength of this negative trend can... read more