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AUDNZD – Sentiment turns Positive
AUDNZD – Sentiment turns Positive8th April 2019

For the first time since last August, our trend following signals for AUDNZD have turned bullish.Last year's peak in August was signals by a Bearish Dark Cloud cover pattern on weekly candle charts. That bearish pattern was followed, 2 weeks later with a negative 'dead' cross of the 21 week moving average and a matching cross... read more

Kiwi weakens. Where next?
Kiwi weakens. Where next?9th August 2018

Overnight news from the RBNZ has hit the Kiwi. Actually it has only emphasised a weakness that was already there as we can see with a look at 2 of the currency pairs in our Trend Table.Our medium term bias for NZDUSD has been negative since April when a 'dead' cross in the spot  through the 21... read more

AUDNZD – Sentiment turning Bullish?
AUDNZD – Sentiment turning Bullish?11th May 2018

Our medium term Trend Table turned bearish for AUDNZD in the second week of this year.  But are we now seeing a reversal of that trend?Prices fell by almost 5 big figures after a negative cross by spot AUDNZD  through the 21 week moving average confirmed a similar, earlier breach of the corresponding RSI average. But... read more

NZD Weak against AUD, EUR & USD
NZD Weak against AUD, EUR & USD30th November 2017

We have been negative towards the Kiwi in our Trend Table for some months. Has anything changed? No is the short answer although AUDNZD bears closer attention. I'll look below at the current situation for the NZD against USD, NZD and the NZDUSD the negative break was later than elsewhere, occurring in August with the... read more

AUDNZD testing key average
AUDNZD testing key average18th May 2017

A positive move through the 21 week moving average in AUDNZD in February confirmed a similar move in RSI the previous week.The year's peak was reached during March and the market has slipped back since - crucially to that moving average which, despite spikes below, has held the downside for AUDNZD on a closing basis over... read more

AUDNZD – Supported by Ichimoku Cloud
AUDNZD – Supported by Ichimoku Cloud29th March 2017

A positive cross in AUDNZD RSI, through it's average rate,  was seen at the end of January. This was confirmed by a 'golden' cross in the spot rate in early February. This confirmed a bullish bias on our Trend Table.Prices rose almost 3 1/2 big figures after that - taking AUDNZD to 11 month highs, to... read more

AUDNZD – Sentiment turns Positive
AUDNZD – Sentiment turns Positive13th February 2017

A sharp setback in AUDNZD from the 21 week moving average 3 weeks ago appeared to confirm a negative bias- a tone that has been the prime element for the cross since last May. But although demand from higher lows initially stalled at the average last week saw demand of almost 2 big figures in AUDNZD after... read more

Kiwi strength renewed
Kiwi strength renewed30th January 2017

Kiwi strength has led to confirmation that the NZDUSD trend is again positive, and also signals that gains in AUDNZD were temporary.Last week’s gains in NZDUSD created the 5th positive weekly performance in a  row and confirmed prices above both the 13 & 21 week moving averages. This, coupled with a confirming move by RSI through... read more

AUDNZD – Key Level Update
AUDNZD – Key Level Update25th August 2016

...I wrote on these pages a few weeks ago that AUDNZD was testing, and likely to break, a key Marabuzo line.At the time, as you can see from the chart below, that line, 1.0503, held on a weekly closing basis. This led to a firm bounce which saw the 21 week average tested (our definition of trend... read more

AUDNZD – Testing key level
AUDNZD – Testing key level2nd August 2016

Our signals for sentiment in AUDNZD have been negative since last April when the spot prices traded through the 21 week moving average and RSI traded beneath it's own average line.Prices traded almost 6 big figures lower after that break until finding some profit taking support near 1.0300 and a 76% correction to the April -... read more