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Rising Three EURUSD pattern targets gains
Rising Three EURUSD pattern targets gains20th August 2015

This morning's call for EURUSD was a bullish one;The sequence of 3 down days ended yesterday despite Tuesday’s break below the 13/100 day moving averages. Demand was renewed above 1.1000 for a 2nd day in succession and the resulting upside was and aggressive one – demand accelerating in the latter part of the day. More than... read more

Bullish Candle Signals
Bullish Candle Signals5th July 2015

There aren’t many analysts out there that don’t now use candlestick charts as opposed to bar charts. The reason is quite obvious once you’ve seen a candle chart and it is that they offer everything a bar chart does but with the added value of graphically showing the key open and close. This immediately helps to... read more