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EURCHF – Sentiment Turns Bullish.
EURCHF – Sentiment Turns Bullish.4th February 2019

Last week saw investor demand for EURCHF continue the rise from last year's low point. But the key element was that buying interest accelerated - creating a 4th up week in a row  and, more importantly, breaking above the 21 week moving average.That positive break confirms the 'golden' cross already provided in the EURCHF RSI signals... read more

CHFJPY – Break Below Average Targets 110.13
CHFJPY – Break Below Average Targets 110.1310th August 2017

Last week's CHFJPY decline took the market through the spot moving average and the RSI average. Although early follow through lows this week have not been maintained, our technical signals indicate scope for the downside to expand in the coming weeks.The equivalent Bullish signals were posted in April. Here the RSI golden cross confirmed marginally later... read more

EURCHF – Supported by Marabuzo Line
EURCHF – Supported by Marabuzo Line5th May 2017

...Trading in EURCHF has been volatile over the last 2 months. Our RSI signal made a positive cross of it's moving average at the end of February. This was confirmed by a spot move through it's own average the following week. Since then spot prices fell back below the 21 week line but that was not... read more

Most Traded Currencies in 2016
Most Traded Currencies in 20164th January 2017

Have you ever wondered which currencies receive the most trading action? The data for the following chart comes from a survey done every three years by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).Note that trading volume adds up to 200%, because each currency trade has a pairing.Chart courtesy of: DatashownThe Chinese yuan is now the 8th most... read more

CHFJPY – Failed Rally Confirms Negative Trend
CHFJPY – Failed Rally Confirms Negative Trend29th June 2016

.. I last wrote 3 weeks ago on the continuing downward trend in CHFJPY.  We’ve had some increased volatility since after the Brexit vote but this has only served to emphasis the underlying negative trend.Friday’s aggressive bounce took CHFJPY back to the mid-point of the negatively trending Keltner channel but, importantly, lacked the momentum to test... read more

CHFJPY – Sentiment remains negative
CHFJPY – Sentiment remains negative6th June 2016

I have written before on these pages of the negative sentiment that has dominated CHFJPY  for a year now. This trend has been highlighted by a 'hugging' of the lower band of a falling weekly Keltner channel, by the capping of rallies by the mid-point of that channel, more clearly by the 21 week moving average and... read more

EURCHF – Sentiment increasingly negative
EURCHF – Sentiment increasingly negative11th April 2016

.    EURCHF - Sentiment turning BearishFor 6 weeks EURCHF has fluctuated around the key 21 week moving average without clearly breaking to the downside, on a closing basis, or attracting any significant renewal of buying interest.But last week's decline resulted in a clear break below that point for the first time since last July. More importantly... read more

CHFJPY – Negative Trend Still Intact?- Update
CHFJPY – Negative Trend Still Intact?- Update22nd February 2016

On January 26th we wrote about the negative trend in CHFJPY and how our technical analysis indicators pointed to still lower levels.Our initial target was 111.87. This has yet to be reached as our report was followed by a profit taking bounce.However, that rally was limited to one week and since that time sellers have dominated... read more

CHFJPY – Bear trend targets 111.87
CHFJPY – Bear trend targets 111.8726th January 2016

A bearish trend was confirmed in CHFJPY last August when the spot price closed below the 21 week moving average - RSI had broken it's relevant moving average 3 weeks before. Since that time the cross has deteriorated by almost 11 big figures with the key moving average only threatened on two occasions (Aug & Dec) but... read more

USDCHF – Sharp bounce from low dominates
USDCHF – Sharp bounce from low dominates3rd August 2015

Last week saw USDCHF bought to higher levels for a 6th week in a row. Gains were not extensive and price action was distorted by volatility in the CHF as a whole. But Friday’s downside rejection maintained the market above the 13 day moving average (broadly unbroken throughout July) and the daily Keltner channel continues to... read more