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CADJPY – Sentiment turns Negative
CADJPY – Sentiment turns Negative20th June 2016

....Last week's strong decline in CADJPY , and bearish RSI crossover, has confirmed a renewed negative tone for sentiment.The key 21 week moving average was broken on the downside in July 2015. This negative move confirmed the previous week’s ‘dead’ cross in RSI indicators. Price action has been capped by the 21 week moving average since that... read more

DMI Difference – Useful for traders?
DMI Difference – Useful for traders?14th April 2016

I was recently questioned on a short-term chart that I drew that showed bearish triggers being given by moving average crossovers on the spot price, RSI, Momentum and DMI Diff.The client had seen and used RSI and Momentum (nearly everyone has tried those indictors at some point) but wasn't aware of the usefulness of DMI Diff... read more