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USDINR – Potential Bullish Rising Three pattern developing
USDINR – Potential Bullish Rising Three pattern developing29th October 2018

In the middle of February, buying if USDINR created a positive crossover of the 21 week mvg avg. This move confirmed a marginally earlier ‘golden’ cross in our RSI signals.Overall that bullish signal has been intact since with USDINR climbing by 9.50 or 14.75%, despite some profit taking during May and July- August. But you can... read more

CADJPY – Sentiment turns Positive
CADJPY – Sentiment turns Positive22nd May 2018

A Bearish Head & Shoulders pattern was completed in February with CADJPY targeting 82.00. That target was exceeded by almost 1  1/2 big figures but that negative tone has clearly ended. CADJPY reached a 16 month low in March with, since that time, buying interest dominating the cross since.  But until last week, a change to a... read more

Your Own Worst Enemy. – Why it is so hard to develop a real ‘Behavioural Edge’ in Trading.
Your Own Worst Enemy. – Why it is so hard to develop a real ‘Behavioural Edge’ in Trading.24th November 2017

Your Own Worst Enemy. - Why it is so hard to develop a real ‘Behavioural Edge’ in Trading.a guest article by Steven GoldsteinThe Dunning-Kruger effect is a behavioural bias which refers to people’s belief that they are more capable than they really are. This is a cruel trick played on traders by themselves which keeps most... read more

Where is Global Growth Happening?
Where is Global Growth Happening?14th June 2017

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist CHINA AND U.S. STILL GENERATING >50% OF REAL GDP GROWTHThe Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual Capitalist feature on Fridays.According to forecasts from earlier this year by the World Bank, the global economy is expected to average a Real GDP growth rate of 2.8% between 2017-2019.But where will this growth actually... read more

Is FTSE telling us that Oil has bottomed? – Update
Is FTSE telling us that Oil has bottomed? – Update20th October 2016

Update 20th OctoberCRUDE OIL - testing key necklineOn the 12th August our long-term analysis to buy Oil (43.49) was partly based on a similar pattern in FTSE. The market is now testing the key neckline and while we expect bullish sentiment in Oil to continue, there could be a pullback. For this reason we would take... read more

FOMC – When Forward Guidance becomes a pre-commitment
FOMC – When Forward Guidance becomes a pre-commitment17th October 2016

A guest article byTor VollaløkkenCentral bankers are generally not too happy about sticking their heads out and talking about what the future will bring. They are economists used to study facts and figures, and while their jobs are very much about making assumptions and forecasting several elements about how the future will look like in terms... read more

NZDUSD – Steady Gains to Continue
NZDUSD – Steady Gains to Continue18th August 2016

....July & August have both seen NZDUSD peak above .7300 but our signals for sentiment indicate that the upside remains the market's focus and levels beyond this year's highs are expected in the coming weeks.RSI signals have been bullish throughout this year (positive trigger given Sept 2015) with only May's unconfirmed break threatening that stance.July's RSI... read more

NOKSEK Breaking Higher?
NOKSEK Breaking Higher?11th August 2016

...Our Trend Table has highlighted a positive trend in NOKSEK for some months but the topside has, until now, been capped by a 38% recovery point. This level is now being seriously tested.The low from last years decline was posted this January and the RSI indicator moving above it's moving average was the first indication that... read more

NZDUSD – Key Average supports further gains
NZDUSD – Key Average supports further gains8th June 2016

....I wrote back in late April how buying interest was dominating the background to NZDUSD.To be honest the market has been less than convincing since that point as consolidation has set in near a key 50% correction point to the April-September 2015 decline. But;the profit taking corrections from that point have been limited.the latest pullback has found... read more

T-Notes – Bearish Falling Three developing?
T-Notes – Bearish Falling Three developing?24th May 2016

...Is a Bearish Falling Three pattern on weekly candle charts developing?Last week's strong decline of more than a point ending a sequence of 3 weeks posting minor gains. This upside countered the strong fall that preceded it and forms the first candle in the potential 5 candle Bearish Falling Three.This move was enough, coupled with a... read more