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EURCHF – Sentiment Turns Bullish.
EURCHF – Sentiment Turns Bullish.4th February 2019

Last week saw investor demand for EURCHF continue the rise from last year's low point. But the key element was that buying interest accelerated - creating a 4th up week in a row  and, more importantly, breaking above the 21 week moving average.That positive break confirms the 'golden' cross already provided in the EURCHF RSI signals... read more

NZD Weak against AUD, EUR & USD
NZD Weak against AUD, EUR & USD30th November 2017

We have been negative towards the Kiwi in our Trend Table for some months. Has anything changed? No is the short answer although AUDNZD bears closer attention. I'll look below at the current situation for the NZD against USD, NZD and the NZDUSD the negative break was later than elsewhere, occurring in August with the... read more

Weaker CAD drives EURCAD & GBPCAD Up
Weaker CAD drives EURCAD & GBPCAD Up25th October 2017

Our Quarterly USDCAD view is a bullish one and is currently being driven by a weaker CAD across the board. That is reflected in positive moves last week in EURCAD and GBPCAD that confirmed a medium term bullish tone for these crosses.In EURCAD the spot price has been flirting with the 21 week displaced moving average... read more

EURCAD – Sentiment turns Negative
EURCAD – Sentiment turns Negative11th September 2017

Last week's EURCAD decline confirmed the negative RSI crossover of a few weeks ago but break below the 21 week moving average. That close was the first below the key line since April and provides a bearish tone for sentiment in the coming weeks.A positive trend had been indicated in March with 'golden' crosses of both... read more

EURCAD – Finding buyers at key average
EURCAD – Finding buyers at key average21st July 2017

This week has seen some significant buying of EURCAD at the 21 week moving average line. It was a positive break of that point in both spot and RSI that generated an outright bullish bias. That Trend Table bias has remained intact since.Gains of almost 9 big figures were posted up to May's EURCAD high (near... read more

EURTRY- Average to Platform Gains
EURTRY- Average to Platform Gains5th July 2017

Last week's strong improvement of 10 big figures, using the 21 week moving average as a platform, has renewed the positive bias in EURTRY that dominated the 2nd half of 2016.For the past 2 months EURTRY has traded around the 13/21 week moving average area but, despite a negative RSI crossover, has not effectively breached it... read more

EURTRY – Average platforms gains
EURTRY – Average platforms gains23rd May 2017

Our assessment of the trend for EURTRY has been bullish since July 2016 after the spot crossover of the 21 week moving average (a golden cross) confirmed a marginally earlier cross in our RSI indicator.Throughout the latter part of 2016 and the beginning of this year, those averages, and even the 13 week line, have supported... read more

EURCHF – Supported by Marabuzo Line
EURCHF – Supported by Marabuzo Line5th May 2017

...Trading in EURCHF has been volatile over the last 2 months. Our RSI signal made a positive cross of it's moving average at the end of February. This was confirmed by a spot move through it's own average the following week. Since then spot prices fell back below the 21 week line but that was not... read more

EURTRY – Testing Key Averages
EURTRY – Testing Key Averages5th April 2017

The setback from January's all-time high in EURTRY has reached key levels, and the reaction to those levels is likely to confirm or change the medium term bias. A bullish trend was clear throughout the latter part of 2016 with the strength of the uptrend emphasised by a hugging of the upper band of the weekly... read more

EURCAD – Sentiment turns Positive
EURCAD – Sentiment turns Positive13th March 2017

A sharp decline in EURCAD in mid-November ended a period of volatile but trendless trading around the 13 and 21 week moving averages. That fresh negative bias for the cross yielded more than 5 big figures to this year's low. But the EURCAD decline was not an aggressive one but the rally from last month's bottom has... read more