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Gilts – Trading with Stochastics
Gilts – Trading with Stochastics22nd July 2016

Everyone who watches a chart will have their own definition of overbought/oversold. There's nothing wrong with that as long as consistency and a certain amount of pragmatism is used when applying.I've lost track of the times I've been asked, as prices plunge, when is the time to buy - and vice versa. My answer is always... read more

Trading Gilts with Keltner & Fibonacci
Trading Gilts with Keltner & Fibonacci24th February 2016

I have written on these pages before about the benefits of using Keltner channels to highlight trends across asset classes and time periods.Here we're going to take a look at intraday trading in Gilts and where the current upside is likely to go.Firstly to establish a background, the chart below shows Gilts from 5th February to... read more

Gilts – Using Fibonacci to target
Gilts – Using Fibonacci to target11th February 2016

This year has seen a strong trend higher across all the Fixed Income futures markets. Identifying the trend has been relatively easy using moving averages and Keltner channels but how to predict upside levels, especially with new contract highs being posted in recent days?An extremely useful tool that we turn to is Fibonacci extensions. And to... read more

Gilts – Bearish Engulfing targets 116.91
Gilts – Bearish Engulfing targets 116.9119th August 2015

The market was unable to build upon Monday’s demand. Instead selling interest returned to Gilts Tuesday and a 4th down day from the last 5 resulted with prices retesting the 13 day moving average.The failure to break that point introduces a strong note of caution into analysis. But price action formed a Bearish Engulfing pattern on... read more

Gilts – Temporarily Bearish
Gilts – Temporarily Bearish28th July 2015

Against a background of positive signals for sentiment for Gilts this week, yesterday initially saw last week's strong gains extend. But this upside, reaching to within 5 tics of our 117.16 weekly target, stalled and gave back the gains into the close.A lack of net movement does reflect a degree of investor indecision but it is... read more