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The World’s Money & Markets
The World’s Money & Markets9th November 2017

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist All of the World’s Money and Markets in One VisualizationThis infographic is the updated version of our best-known piece from The Money Project, an ongoing collaboration with Texas Precious Metals. It was first published in late 2015.Millions, billions, and trillions…When we talk about the giant size of Apple, the fortune of Warren Buffett, or the... read more

Equity Markets Oversold – Time to Buy or Blue-Sky Thinking?
Equity Markets Oversold – Time to Buy or Blue-Sky Thinking?17th January 2016

Equity Markets Oversold - Time to Buy or Blue-Sky Thinking?by Jeremy RaybouldPrivate Equity and Alternative Investments Specialist/Investor Relations and Equity Fund Distribution. Partner at Lancea LLPTime to BuyOkay, so with all this blood on the streets it must be time to buy? I shouldn't have put a question mark there, in fact I should simply have... read more

S&P – Sellers Dominate
S&P – Sellers Dominate10th August 2015

Key Average CapsWith two S&P bounces in July stalling from close to the 50 & 100 day average rates, last week’s signals switched back to bearish. These were confirmed as investors sold the market for a strong 36 Pt loss. This has extended a sequence of lower weekly highs which is negative, though the pullback is... read more