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USDMXN – Testing Key Level
USDMXN – Testing Key Level1st March 2017

USDMXN was in a broad up trend throughout 2016 with an acceleration after Trump's election. But profit taking has been the dominant feature since January's peak above 22.0000 and last week's decline took prices below the 21 week moving average.That point was breached last October and August but trading below that point was temporary and limited. Will... read more

Mini Mac Trumps the Big Mac
Mini Mac Trumps the Big Mac20th January 2017

Mini Mac Trumps the Big MacPosted on January 19, 2017 10:28 am by Benn Steil and Emma Smith of the Council on Foreign RelationsThe “law of one price” holds that identical goods should trade for the same price in an efficient market.  But how well does it actually hold internationally? The Economist magazine’s famous Big... read more

USDMXN – Demand accelerates after setback
USDMXN – Demand accelerates after setback10th January 2017

Our assessment of trend for USDMXN was dominated since April with a bullish bias.Trading at the end of last year in USDMXN was, unsurprisingly, dominated by the US election and the comments made during the campaign by Trump. The wild swing in investor sentiment around the result announcement created a week's range of 16% of the value... read more

USDMXN – Tracking Keltner Channel higher
USDMXN – Tracking Keltner Channel higher22nd September 2016

..Last week's strong demand for USDMXN confirmed the underlying tone that has marked this currency pair since April - taking prices to the top of an increasingly positive Keltner channel for the first time since June.April's bullish move out of an 8 week consolidation range led to gains of almost 9%. The move clearly above the 21... read more