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Are we headed for a bond market bloodbath?
Are we headed for a bond market bloodbath?22nd March 2017

Are we headed for a bond market bloodbath? - a guest articleby Simon Jack BBC Business editorThe greatest bull market in history is over. Last week's rise in US interest rates confirms the reversal of a 30-year trend, and that spells big trouble according to some Cassandras.There have been bumps in the road along the way but the market... read more

CRUDE OIL – Pullback Temporary?
CRUDE OIL – Pullback Temporary?16th March 2017

Crude Oil - Trend Bearish, but Pullback should be TemporaryA break, at the beginning of 2017, above the neckline to a broad bullish weekly Head & Shoulders pattern which was formed with a "Head" at last year's 14 year Oil low at 26.14 has proved a false one.Last week's decline took the market back under that neckline... read more

Crude Oil – Shooting Star at Neckline
Crude Oil – Shooting Star at Neckline14th December 2016

CRUDE OIL Update – Daily Shooting Star at 2nd test of neckline.In August our longer-term signals turned bullish in Oil when prices were trading just above $40. The initial target was at $51.34 and a potential target from a reverse Head & Shoulders formation is at $75.00. While this did raise some eyebrows our 1st target... read more

Is FTSE telling us that Oil has bottomed? – Update
Is FTSE telling us that Oil has bottomed? – Update20th October 2016

Update 20th OctoberCRUDE OIL - testing key necklineOn the 12th August our long-term analysis to buy Oil (43.49) was partly based on a similar pattern in FTSE. The market is now testing the key neckline and while we expect bullish sentiment in Oil to continue, there could be a pullback. For this reason we would take... read more

Crude Oil – Capped by 62% Point
Crude Oil – Capped by 62% Point30th March 2016

Crude - Sellers return at 62% pointThis year's trading has been dominated by a reaction to negative technical divergence that resulted in a Double Bottom and a rally of almost $16.Crude was bought to higher levels for 6 weeks in a row and recovered 62% of the October - January/February deterioration. But that level has capped... read more