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Are we headed for a bond market bloodbath?
Are we headed for a bond market bloodbath?22nd March 2017

Are we headed for a bond market bloodbath? - a guest articleby Simon Jack BBC Business editorThe greatest bull market in history is over. Last week's rise in US interest rates confirms the reversal of a 30-year trend, and that spells big trouble according to some Cassandras.There have been bumps in the road along the way but the market... read more

CRUDE OIL – Pullback Temporary?
CRUDE OIL – Pullback Temporary?16th March 2017

Crude Oil - Trend Bearish, but Pullback should be TemporaryA break, at the beginning of 2017, above the neckline to a broad bullish weekly Head & Shoulders pattern which was formed with a "Head" at last year's 14 year Oil low at 26.14 has proved a false one.Last week's decline took the market back under that neckline... read more

How Commodities Performed 2016
How Commodities Performed 201612th January 2017

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist 2016 Commodity PerformanceIt was an up and down year for commodities, but things ultimately finished in the black.The S&P Goldman Sachs Commodity Index (GSCI) climbed 10.1% on the year – it was just enough to edge out the S&P 500, which ended 2016 with a 9.5% return.WINNERS IN 2016The biggest winners on the... read more

Crude Oil – Shooting Star at Neckline
Crude Oil – Shooting Star at Neckline14th December 2016

CRUDE OIL Update – Daily Shooting Star at 2nd test of neckline.In August our longer-term signals turned bullish in Oil when prices were trading just above $40. The initial target was at $51.34 and a potential target from a reverse Head & Shoulders formation is at $75.00. While this did raise some eyebrows our 1st target... read more

Is FTSE telling us that Oil has bottomed? – Update
Is FTSE telling us that Oil has bottomed? – Update20th October 2016

Update 20th OctoberCRUDE OIL - testing key necklineOn the 12th August our long-term analysis to buy Oil (43.49) was partly based on a similar pattern in FTSE. The market is now testing the key neckline and while we expect bullish sentiment in Oil to continue, there could be a pullback. For this reason we would take... read more

Crude Oil – Capped by 62% Point
Crude Oil – Capped by 62% Point30th March 2016

Crude - Sellers return at 62% pointThis year's trading has been dominated by a reaction to negative technical divergence that resulted in a Double Bottom and a rally of almost $16.Crude was bought to higher levels for 6 weeks in a row and recovered 62% of the October - January/February deterioration. But that level has capped... read more

CRUDE OIL – A temporary relief?
CRUDE OIL – A temporary relief?28th January 2016

...3cA signals for Crude Oil have been bearish on our Trend Table page for some time. However there are some early signs that sentiment may continue to improve since January's 13 year low at 26.19. Last week's rally has formed a bullish Hammer and this week's gains have ended a sequence of lower weekly highs. Along... read more