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Trading Bunds, RSI and Keltner channels
Trading Bunds, RSI and Keltner channels7th November 2019

I've pointed out on these pages before how useful both RSI and Keltner channels can be to traders across the asset classes.  What I'd like to show today is how the two indicators can combine in another method of application for trading. This article is going to look at using Keltner channels around the RSI indicator rather than... read more

Your Own Worst Enemy. – Why it is so hard to develop a real ‘Behavioural Edge’ in Trading.
Your Own Worst Enemy. – Why it is so hard to develop a real ‘Behavioural Edge’ in Trading.24th November 2017

Your Own Worst Enemy. - Why it is so hard to develop a real ‘Behavioural Edge’ in Trading.a guest article by Steven GoldsteinThe Dunning-Kruger effect is a behavioural bias which refers to people’s belief that they are more capable than they really are. This is a cruel trick played on traders by themselves which keeps most... read more

EURCAD – Sellers return to dominate
EURCAD – Sellers return to dominate20th October 2016

The positive move in EURCAD that we highlighted on these pages in September proved temporary. Sellers have returned over the last week and the focus has returned to the downside. The move above the 21 week moving average in the first week of last month confirmed the already bullish signals in the RSI indicator and subsequent upside took... read more

NOKSEK Breaking Higher?
NOKSEK Breaking Higher?11th August 2016

...Our Trend Table has highlighted a positive trend in NOKSEK for some months but the topside has, until now, been capped by a 38% recovery point. This level is now being seriously tested.The low from last years decline was posted this January and the RSI indicator moving above it's moving average was the first indication that... read more

Gilts – Trading with Stochastics
Gilts – Trading with Stochastics22nd July 2016

Everyone who watches a chart will have their own definition of overbought/oversold. There's nothing wrong with that as long as consistency and a certain amount of pragmatism is used when applying.I've lost track of the times I've been asked, as prices plunge, when is the time to buy - and vice versa. My answer is always... read more

EURAUD – Positive triggers
EURAUD – Positive triggers18th May 2016

...Yesterday I wrote about USDTRY and the positive break through moving averages in both spot and RSI.A very similar chart, and conclusion, can be found looking at EURAUD on a weekly time perspective. A break through the 21 week moving average by spot EURAUD was seen 2 weeks ago, and also in RSI.Those bullish triggers were... read more

USDTRY – Bullish Trend Confirmed
USDTRY – Bullish Trend Confirmed17th May 2016

.....USDTRY fell 27 big figures from this year's top with the steady decline highlighted by a corresponding negative trend in RSI.In fact a move in RSI below it's moving average line warned of a change in investor sentiment well before confirmation the spot price. This bearish divergence was confirmed by January's peak being lower than last... read more

10 Major Behavioural Traits of Successful Traders
10 Major Behavioural Traits of Successful Traders28th April 2016

The 10 Major Behavioural Traits of Successful Tradersa guest article by Steven GoldsteinThe questions I probably get asked more than any other are: What makes a good trader? Answering this in detail is not easy, however in this article I explain what I think are the 10 major behavioural traits of successful traders.All traders start out... read more

NZDUSD – Demand continues to dominate
NZDUSD – Demand continues to dominate20th April 2016

This year’s gradual gains have reached a key point but 3cAnalysis signals show no sign of anything other than temporary and limited setbacks.The latter part of 2014, and the bulk of last year, was dominated by a declining NZDUSD. This was a move that was marked by a hugging of the lower end of a falling... read more

ECB – Easier over 2 legs
ECB – Easier over 2 legs15th March 2016

For the ECB, it is easier to get therewith the use of two legsA guest article by Tor Vollaløkken from EURUSD InsiderLeading up to last week’s ECB monetary policy meeting we argued that for the ECB to get inflation closer to the objective, the ECB would need to see EURUSD below 0.95. We just used the... read more