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USDINR – Potential Bullish Rising Three pattern developing
USDINR – Potential Bullish Rising Three pattern developing29th October 2018

In the middle of February, buying if USDINR created a positive crossover of the 21 week mvg avg. This move confirmed a marginally earlier ‘golden’ cross in our RSI signals.Overall that bullish signal has been intact since with USDINR climbing by 9.50 or 14.75%, despite some profit taking during May and July- August. But you can... read more

USDTRY – Bull Trend to End?
USDTRY – Bull Trend to End?1st February 2018

Update 7th FebruaryThe line mentioned in this report held the USDTRY downside and so the underlying tone remained bullish into this week. The Moving Average has, naturally, moved higher and so the same situation applies as we approach this weekend with the key level, on a closing basis, now at 3.7695.A 3rd up week in a... read more

NZD Weak against AUD, EUR & USD
NZD Weak against AUD, EUR & USD30th November 2017

We have been negative towards the Kiwi in our Trend Table for some months. Has anything changed? No is the short answer although AUDNZD bears closer attention. I'll look below at the current situation for the NZD against USD, NZD and the NZDUSD the negative break was later than elsewhere, occurring in August with the... read more

US$ Index – Temporary Rally?
US$ Index – Temporary Rally?1st November 2017

US$ INDEX, still long-term bearish, but looking to trade bounceWe have been bearish of the $Index throughout 2017 and in our last update on May 11th we emphasised this view by highlighting the inverse relationship between US interest rates and the US$ exchange rate.The sell-off has also come from close to a 62% recovery to the... read more

USDTRY – Positive Sentiment Triggered
USDTRY – Positive Sentiment Triggered3rd October 2017

Last week's strong move higher in USDTRY was the 3rd up week in a row - extending the rally from September's low for 2017. Our medium term signals had been bearish since April with the market falling by 16 big figures at the low. But the important aspect of last week's rise was confirmation of a... read more

NZDUSD – Sentiment turns Negative
NZDUSD – Sentiment turns Negative7th September 2017

Last week's NZDUSD decline was the 4th negative weekly performance from the last five. But, more importantly, the spot broke below the 21 week moving average confirming a similar RSI breach the previous week.This move has turned NZDUSD sentiment bearish for the first time since May. The positive change then was to yield almost 5 big... read more

USDZAR – Has sentiment turned Bullish?
USDZAR – Has sentiment turned Bullish?10th July 2017

USDZAR has been dominated by a broad downtrend since January 2016. At the extreme, the currency pair fell by more than 30%. But does last week's strong gains signal a lasting change in investor sentiment?This downtrend has been defined by the 21 week moving average although temporary bounces above that point for USDZAR in November, April... read more

38 Facts on the U.S. Dollar
38 Facts on the U.S. Dollar22nd June 2017

Courtesy of: The Money... read more

NZDUSD – Positive break above averages
NZDUSD – Positive break above averages6th June 2017

Last week saw a strong move higher in NZDUSD that confirmed a break of key moving averages in both spot NZDUSD and the RSI indicator. This change to a bullish tone comes after February's negative move yielded only limited downside. Importantly that decline stalled at a 50% correction to the Sep'15 to Sep'16 rise - just as... read more

$ INDEX and rising US rates
$ INDEX and rising US rates12th May 2017

Historically, anticipation of rising US rates has supported the US$. However, in a classic case of rumour over fact, once those rate rises have been implemented the US$ usually reverses.This year's signals on the $Index have been bearish and are supporting this view. Sellers have returned to the 14 year highs and from close to... read more