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USDINR – Potential Bullish Rising Three pattern developing
USDINR – Potential Bullish Rising Three pattern developing29th October 2018

In the middle of February, buying if USDINR created a positive crossover of the 21 week mvg avg. This move confirmed a marginally earlier ‘golden’ cross in our RSI signals.Overall that bullish signal has been intact since with USDINR climbing by 9.50 or 14.75%, despite some profit taking during May and July- August. But you can... read more

EURUSD – Bullish Rising Three dominates
EURUSD – Bullish Rising Three dominates21st March 2016

EURUSD - Bullish Rising Three dominatesThis week's report on EURUSD is a bullish one. This is due, in part, to;3 Up weeks in succession5 Week HighsTracking the upper band of a positive Keltner channelSupport of the 13 day moving average.But the other key feature to note is the Bullish Rising Three pattern that was completed by... read more

T-Notes – Rising Three points higher
T-Notes – Rising Three points higher11th January 2016

... In T-Notes and T.Bond futures this year began with a renewal of demand. Demand that we expect to lead significantly higher.The move higher last week, almost 2 points in T-Notes and 3 1/2 points in Bonds, ended a sequence of 3 down weeks. Soem allowance has to be made to the fact that those weeks... read more

EURGBP – Potential Rising Three
EURGBP – Potential Rising Three31st August 2015

Further Gains Expected this week. Last Monday saw gains continue the strong demand seen over the preceding 3 weeks. But that day’s upside of almost 1 ¾ big figuress was not maintained and the subsequent 4 days all produced net losses to leaves EURGBP virtually unchanged into the week’s close.   Despite the uncertainty that result suggests the limited... read more

Rising Three EURUSD pattern targets gains
Rising Three EURUSD pattern targets gains20th August 2015

This morning's call for EURUSD was a bullish one;The sequence of 3 down days ended yesterday despite Tuesday’s break below the 13/100 day moving averages. Demand was renewed above 1.1000 for a 2nd day in succession and the resulting upside was and aggressive one – demand accelerating in the latter part of the day. More than... read more

Bullish Candle Signals
Bullish Candle Signals5th July 2015

There aren’t many analysts out there that don’t now use candlestick charts as opposed to bar charts. The reason is quite obvious once you’ve seen a candle chart and it is that they offer everything a bar chart does but with the added value of graphically showing the key open and close. This immediately helps to... read more